Inspection Pricing

RVIS, LLC offers several services to prospective RV owners as well as current owners, RV clubs and associations, and RV campgrounds,

Please review our Menu of Services below and let us know how we can serve you:

Menu Of Services


Inspections performed by RVIS, LLC consist of 30 to over 100 inspection points depending on the type of inspection chosen, and will include an inspection report covering the inspected items. 

A Safety Inspection consists of a limited set of inspection points related to life/safety issues and will have a pass/fail analysis and report.  A few pictures may be included to help document findings. A Safety Inspection will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

A Functional Inspection includes all of the Safety Inspection points plus additional points.  This level of inspection will assess whether the main components of the RV operate as intended.  The inspection report will provide detail for each inspection point and will include several pictures (typically 25-40) to document inspection points.  A Functional Inspection will take approximately 3-4 hours to complete.

A Comprehensive Inspection is the most thorough inspection we provide and includes all of the inspection points from the Safety Inspection and the Functional Inspection, plus additional points. The inspection report will document all points of inspection and provide significantly more pictures, usually more than 100. This level of inspection will provide the potential buyer with the greatest amount of information to make a purchase decision, especially when fluid samples are bundled in with the inspection.  A Comprehensive inspection will require 6-8 hours or more to complete depending on the type of RV, the number of slides, and other options.


Consulting services are priced at $100/hr whether in person or via telephone, with a one hour minimum charge. 
Looking at an RV at a dealer or seller location is $250. 
Travel charges apply for all visits to dealers, sellers, etc. at the rate of $1.50/mile for all mileage driven.



Comprehensive:    Class A  & Super C                    $ 995                                                                                Class B                                             $ 795                                                                              Class C                                             $ 895                                                                              5th Wheel                                     $ 895                                                                                Travel Trailer                               $ 795

Functional:                $795 for Class A, B, C, 5th wheel                                                                                $595 for Travel Trailer

Safety:                          $295 for all types of RV

Value Bundles: Inspection + Fluid Samples

  • Value Bundles for Class A, B, C or generator
    • Inspection + 1 Fluid Sample       $       75
    • Inspection + 2 Fluid Samples     $    145
    • Inspection + 3 Fluid Samples     $    200
    • Inspection + 4 Fluid Samples     $    250
    • Inspection + 5 Fluid Samples     $    300

Fluid Sampling & Analysis

RVIS, LLC recommends fluid sampling for all motorized RV’s, both new and used. For used RV’s sampling and analysis will help determine the “health” of your RV.  For new RV’s, sampling establishes a baseline for future comparison.  Samples can be taken from Engine Oil, Engine Coolant, Transmission Fluid, Generator Oil, and Generator Coolant (if equipped).  Results are usually returned from the lab within 4-5 business days.  For a slight upcharge ( $ 40 / sample ) due to increased lab and shipping fees, we can also provide expedited or “rush” sample results.  Rush results are typically returned the next day.

Fluid Sample Pricing Without Inspection
  • One or Two Samples                  $ 89.95 each
    • Value Packs
      • Three Samples                        $ 250
      • Four Samples                           $ 325
      • Five Samples                            $ 400

Walkthrough Services

RVIS, LLC will provide a thorough walkthrough for the new owner covering all of the features and functions of your RV.

  • Comprehensive Walkthrough                 $ 250
    • If more than three hours, additional hours will be billed at $50/hour


RVIS, LLC currently has four seminars available for groups.  These seminars range in length from 1.5 to 2.0 hours in length.  The seminars can be delivered individually or as a group in a full day setting. Please contact us for pricing.  

Current seminar topics available:
  • RV Inspections
    • What is an inspection, who needs an inspection, what is covered, what is discovered
  • RV Maintenance
    • Tips for maintaining our RV’s electrical, water heater, furnace, and other systems
  • Workampers & RV Lifestyle Ambassadors
    • What are workampers & Lifestyle ambassadors, workamping jobs, how to get paid while living the RV lifestyle
  • 12 Volt DC Power In Your RV
    • Defining your RV electrical systems, batteries, converters, inverters, and solar

Additional Fees

  • A  mileage charge of $1.50/mile will be applied to any inspections requiring travel outside of local area.
  • For inspections requiring travel of 300 miles or more round-trip, a flat-rate $150 overnight fee may apply.


RV Tips members are entitled to discounted fluid analysis pricing of $69.95/sample or 3 samples for $175.  Your membership number will be required.


We accept all major Credit Cards

We proudly accept major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover)


RVIS, LLC is a leading provider of RV inspections, RV walkthroughs, and fluid sampling