Inspection Findings

Every inspection is unique, and it is very rare to not find an issue of some sort whether the RV is used or brand new. While we are always hopeful that we will find no issues, it is important to identify when an issue is found and to document it with pictures. It is our goal to provide as much information as possible to our customers so that they can make a decision that best fits their requirements. After all, it is our customer that will be living in whatever RV they choose to purchase, so we hope that our efforts lead them to the RV with which they will be comfortable.

The pictures below show just a few of the items that have been identified while doing an inspection. While some buyers may consider these “deal breakers”,  others may view the same issue as a challenge to repair.  There are many other issues that inspections find that are much more subtle than those shown below but in some cases much more serious.

Poorly sealed light can allow water to enter.

A broken hinge on the entry door.

A wall surface issue.

Wasp nest in the furnace area.

The sealant at the front cap separating allowing water intrusion.

Paint flaked off of the mirror mounting bar.

Rusty rear bumper.

Rusty foot pad on leveling jack.

Awning starting to tear.

LP Detector 20 years old, no longer functional.

Hole in the wall at the floor.

Cuts in the rubber roof allowing water entry.

Rear cap sealed with duct tape.

Hole in the door.

Thoroughly soaked carpet in the cab area.

Cracked sidewalls. Blowout waiting to happen.

Problem with the paint on the roof over the cab.


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