Fluid Samples

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Have you ever wondered if your engine and transmission are in proper working condition?  With a fluid sampling of your engine or generator oil, transmission fluid, or engine coolant, you can find out if everything is functioning smoothly, or if you are looking at a potential expensive problem.


RVIS will perform the fluid sampling for you, send it to a lab specializing in fluid analysis, and the results will be sent directly to you, typically within a few days.  You will know with certainty if your engine fluids are good, or if there are elements of wear and fatigue.


These samples can be drawn on your personal auto, minivan, SUV, truck, or motorized RV, whether it is gas or diesel.  And if you have any kind of fleet of vehicles, sampling of this kind on a regular basis can help keep maintenance costs down.


See the Frequently Asked Questions or the Importance of Including Fluid Samples documents to get more information on the value of Fluid Analysis.


We are currently offering fluid samples at $79.95/sample.

RV Tips members are entitled to discounted fluid analysis pricing of $69.95/sample or 3 samples for $175.  Your membership number will be required.


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