From Bob in Illinois (Class A diesel pusher):

“Win did a fantastic job and thorough inspection of the RV.  We were very pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection and the report.  Win was fantastic to work with.  On a scale of one to five we would rate him a FIVE PLUS!, and would absolutely recommend RVIS, LLC.”

Thank you, Bob


From Tony in Atlanta (Class C):

“What an excellent experience with this service.  Professional, patient, went way beyond the traditional service.  Old school principals,  This guy is who you want to hire if you are considering buying a used RV unit. Very knowledgeable and thorough”

Thank you, Tony


From Gwen in California (5th Wheel):

“Things are really looking up and I have to go to the source,
and say”Thank You”. You helped me immensely with your kindness and your knowledge. That gave me the courage to do the inspection without being pushed into it. Now I see it’s the best thing I could of done buying something so expensive and something I know nothing about. It’s a new chapter in my life, but I’m off to a great start”.

Thank You, Gwen




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