From Connie & Marv in Michigan (Class C Motorhome):

Win was great to work with and he was very flexible in getting our inspection scheduled. The inspection report was very detailed, and we liked the summary and pictures of any issues that were of concern. The information in the report and inspection was useful. We found it worth the expense, specifically for the peace of mind to insure that the RV didn’t have major issues. Have read about many horror stories, even with new RV’s. Thank you Win, you were great to work with. 

Thank you, Connie & Marv

From Patrick in Wisconsin (Class C Motorhome):

Prior to notifying the dealer that I was having an inspection performed, I felt they were not as helpful or willing to provide me with information on the motorhome. Once they were advised I was having a third-party inspection that attitude changed. I believe in telling them a third-party was inspecting it, they had to work a little bit harder to make certain the inspector did not find anything. Win took time to explain things. He offered suggestions on items that would improve the care and maintenance. He also suggested items I could add to the unit to assist in protecting the slide and use of the roof vents. We had a lot of excellent conversations that assisted me with having a better understanding of my unit.

The inspection report was very thorough, concise, easy to read and follow and there were a lot of excellent pictures included in the report.

I would recommend any potential purchaser of an RV unit to have a third-party inspection. There are way too many things that can go wrong or undetected. Win and his inspection forced the dealer to make certain to find any problems before the inspection. You will walk away with your purchase knowing everything is in good operating condition at the time of the inspection. It is a great investment and relieves you of the fears that everyone talks about on-line.

Thank you, Patrick

From Mark in South Carolina (Class A Motorhome):

It was a pleasure working with Win.  He was professional, knowledgeable, and responsive.  The inspection report was very thorough.  It gave us peace of mind knowing that he had gone through the inspection process and brought his findings to our attention. The report confirmed our decision to buy.

Thank you, Mark

From Robin in Oklahoma (Class A Motorhome):

The inspection was very thorough and helped give me and my son Kory, peace of mind that he was getting a good deal. Nothing was missing. RVIS went above and beyond to meet our schedule as Kory was going to drive the RV from Wisconsin to Oklahoma. The inspection provided by Win enabled him to feel comfortable doing this.  Win went above and beyond to do the survey in our time frame, and he was super thorough and answered any questions we had, PLUS he stayed in contact to ensure that Kory and the RV made it to Oklahoma safely. Definitely would rate him a 5 on a 1-5 scale. I would absolutely recommend RVIS and Win if you are looking to purchase an RV. Don’t buy blindly!

Thank you, Robin

From Ken in Wisconsin (Travel Trailer):

What I liked about the inspection report was that it covered all of the basic components on the trailer.  I felt it gave me a very firm foundation on the status of the trailer.  Win was very accommodating in getting the inspection scheduled and performed.  I would recommend this service provided by RVIS, LLC to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a new or used camping trailer.  It helped us determine if we were purchasing a quality trailer.  Thanks for the great job!!

Thank you, Ken

From George in Minnesota (5th Wheel):

The services RVIS, LLC and Win provided were very thorough. We received a professional report and an immediate post-inspection phone call to review the results. I liked the report’s thoroughness, organization, and extensive pictures. The information provided gave us great peace of mind, especially for someone who is new to RVing. I would definitely recommend Win and RVIS, LLC as he was very knowledgeable, pleasant to work with, conscientious, and responsive. It was a pleasure doing business with Win and have no qualms about engaging him again when we purchase the inevitable “next” RV.

Thank you, George

From Rory in Virginia (Class A gas):

In terms of getting the inspection scheduled and performed, “Win went above and beyond. I really appreciated the detail and the photos” in the inspection report. Unfortunately, this RV was not purchased, and it was a result of the inspection report, as the fluid test results indicated there was a problem. I was 100% satisfied with the information provided and felt it is was worth the investment.

Thank you, Rory

From Hannah in Wisconsin (Travel Trailer):

 One reason we ended up purchasing our RV was because the inspection report was much more than we were expecting. There was so much information in it. It was amazing. Win was great and  I felt bad because I had such poor communication that week due to it being a hectic week but he was amazing. Win (RVIS,LLC) went above and beyond. I was unable to be at the inspection but it was great hearing from the owners how thorough the inspection was and how it was literally inspected every inch of the way! I would rate Win and RVIS, LLC 5 out of 5 stars and would certainly recommend him to others looking to purchase an RV.

Thank you Hannah

From Fred in Wisconsin (Class A Diesel):

The inspection report Win and RVIS, LLC provided was the best inspection report I have seen. He was very easy to deal with in getting the inspection scheduled and performed and was always informative and willing to answer questions. The report was very useful and well worth the investment. As a result of the information Win provided we decided not to purchase the motorhome. The report saved me a lot of money and headaches, preventing me from buying an RV needing $3K to $5K in repairs. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate Win and RVIS, LLC a 5, and would recommend him to others looking to buy an RV.  

Thank you, Fred

From Renee in Florida (Travel Trailer):
Win was very easy to communicate with and really set my mind at ease.  He was very patient and kind in dealing with my questions as I am new to this and had lots of questions. He never made me feel like I was bothering him or asking too many questions. His knowledge and ability to explain things on my level is what made this whole process possible. I’m not sure I would have bought the travel trailer had it not been for him.
I highly recommend having an inspection performed. I wouldn’t purchase another RV without it. I felt confident in my purchase because I knew it had been inspected thoroughly. I have already told my travel trailer friends about my great experience.
Win is an asset to this business. His knowledge and personal experiences really put my mind at ease and gave me a real sense of peace about the process. I’m forever grateful.

Thank you, Renee

From Jess & Joyce in Florida (Class A gas):

We are selling our RV so we wanted to know of any issues before hand so we could repair and improve it.  The inspection report was better than we expected, very detailed!  Win was very flexible in scheduling our appointment and took the time throughout the entire inspection to explain the process and reason for including it in the inspection. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. We intend to share our report with all that are interested.  On a scale of 1 to 5, we rate Win and RVIS, LLC with a 5 plus for sure!

Thank you, Jess & Joyce

From Steve In New York (Class A diesel pusher):

“Thank you again for the professional inspection.  I just talked to the owner and he could not say enough good things about you.  If you need a recommendation you can count on me.”

Thank you, Steve

From Ric In Illinois (Class A diesel pusher):

“This is the second used RV that I have purchased. I did not use an inspection on the previous one, which I now see was a big mistake. RVIS, LLC service has convinced me if I ever do this again that I will definitely use them again.  If I was on the fence about purchasing, this convinced that it was a good purchase.  The inspection report was more than I was expecting.  RVIS, LLC was very easy to deal with, very informative, and responded in a very timely manner.  Without hesitation, I would recommend RVIS, LLC to others looking to purchase an RV.  I rate them a 5 plus!!”

Thank you, Ric

From Bob in Illinois (Class A diesel pusher):

“Win did a fantastic job and thorough inspection of the RV.  We were very pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection and the report.  Win was fantastic to work with.  On a scale of one to five we would rate him a FIVE PLUS!, and would absolutely recommend RVIS, LLC.”

Thank you, Bob

From Tony in Atlanta (Class C):

“What an excellent experience with this service.  Professional, patient, went way beyond the traditional service.  Old school principals,  This guy is who you want to hire if you are considering buying a used RV unit. Very knowledgeable and thorough”

Thank you, Tony


From Gwen in California (5th Wheel):

“Things are really looking up and I have to go to the source,
and say”Thank You”. You helped me immensely with your kindness and your knowledge. That gave me the courage to do the inspection without being pushed into it. Now I see it’s the best thing I could of done buying something so expensive and something I know nothing about. It’s a new chapter in my life, but I’m off to a great start”.

Thank You, Gwen


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