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Why get an RV inspection?

The appeal of spending time outdoors at a campground or park in an RV with your family and friends continues to grow and continues to be a cost-effective option for vacation travel. In addition, the RV lifestyle has grown significantly with “full time” RV’ers.

According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), 8.5% of US households now own an RV, as per an industry analyst at the University of Michigan. This is up from 8.0% reported in 2005. And 70% of current owners plan to purchase another RV to replace what they currently have in the near future.

A full 60% of RV sales take place between private sellers. The remaining used RV sales, as well as 300,000 plus new RV’s, are sold through the RV Dealers Association.

Next to your home, the purchase of an RV may be your second largest expenditure. With prices of RV’s in the 5, 6, and even 7 digits, ensuring your investment is a good one with an RV inspection just makes sense.  Think of an RV inspection as a home inspection for your RV home.

RV Inspection Services can perform this inspection for you. And through our certification with the National RV Inspectors Association your inspection can be conducted no matter where you live in our great big, wide, RV’ing country.


RVIS, LLC is a leading provider of RV inspections, RV walkthroughs, and fluid sampling